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Your Ultimate Online Medical Professionals Directory is an online medical directory and the go to resource for the healthcare sector in South Africa. With details of doctors (consultants, specialists, GPs) in South Africa, we are now an invaluable service for our users. FindallMed medical directory is updated daily by our dedicated team who reach out to hospitals, Trusts, CCGs and GP Surgeries to keep abreast of changes.

Our online medical directory has been designed to make it easy for doctors, consultants, specialists, surgeons, physicians, GPs, patients and anyone in the healthcare sector to find the contact information they need. From finding the right consultant to speak to for a certain specialism, identifying a private specialist, locating a doctor for a medico-legal opinion to finding doctors setting up an appointment online, we can help.

With a friendly and professional customer service team we always go the extra mile to make sure our members get the best service possible.

To start using our medical directory, you first need to register and then subscribe (healthcare sector users) or be verified (doctors and medical secretaries only).

South Africa (Covid-19 Stats)

😷 2,894,342 Total Cases
😥 86,967 Deaths
😇 2,756,693 Recovered

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